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Mesh Tarp With Flaps

American-Made Dump Truck Tarps

We manufacture most of our dump tarps in-house, which allows us to have a rolling inventory of almost every standard size and type. That combination of knowledge, flexibility, and providing greater quality for the cost makes Kaplan Tarps a great choice for your dump truck covering and cargo control needs.

Kaplan Tarps & Cargo Controls is known for being the best in the dump tarps industry. Our team has years of training & experience under their belt, so you can be confident that we’ll consistently get your cover system done right.

Whether you are looking for a standard dump truck tarp, expanded dump tarp, custom tarp design, tarp installation & tarp repair, or looking for entire tarping systems for dump trucks, we’d be happy to help.



Dump Tarps with Flaps

Our mesh and asphalt dump tarps are typically shipped on the same day . Our 12” side and end flaps are made from the same heavy-duty tarp material. The flap’s reinforced edges and rugged design offers superior durability and designed to integrate seamlessly with your truck’s tarp system, allowing for easy deployment and retraction. These tarps meet or exceed state DOT requirements.

We supply asphalt tarps to many of the largest paving companies in the country and provide expandable mesh tarps to some of the largest waste-hauling companies.

Straight Dump Truck Tarps

Our range of mesh, vinyl, and asphalt dump tarps are typically shipped on the same day, ensuring prompt delivery to get you on the move swiftly. We provide an extensive selection of sizes, compatible with nearly all tarp systems. Our emphasis is on delivering high-quality and durable products, designed to give you a competitive edge and minimize risks.

We take pride in having supplied tarps globally, including to some of the largest fleet operators. However, we also have a special commitment to supporting local, independent drivers.