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Dump Tarps with Flaps

Dump Truck Tarps with Flaps

Tough Dump Tarps Last Longer, Reduce Issues & Save Time

Kaplan Tarps’ American-made dump truck tarps with flaps are built for the demands of the road. These mesh and asphalt dump tarps are not just durable; they’re designed to secure your load and with same-day shipping, get you moving quickly. We offer a variety of sizes and fit almost all dump bed tarp systems. Our tarps are built with quality and strength based on years of customer feedback to keep you ahead of the competition and reduce risk.

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Dump Tarp Materials to Select From:

Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh

Heavy-duty 11 x 11 vinyl mesh, these tarps offer exceptional durability and resistance to the elements, ensuring reliable performance in diverse weather conditions.

Asphalt Tap Material

Heavy Duty Black RFL Coated Polyester (For Asphalt)

Heavy-duty 20oz Black RFL-Coated Polyester, these tarps offer exceptional durability, are water resisitant, and can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for hot asphalt. The RFL coating prevents the hot top from sticking, extending the life of the wear parts on your system and the tarp.

Miti Mesh Tarp w/Flaps

Super Heavy Duty Miti Mesh for 8'x32'

Super Heavy-duty 24oz Mixed Color Vinyl Basket Weave, this tarp is one of the the toughest tarps on the market, resisting tears and punctures. Designed for rolloff companies hauling construction debris. Avaliable online only for the 8’x32′ tarp with flaps, but We can custom design any size, just call for a price.

Dump Tarp Specifications:

Materials: 10 oz HD 11 x11 Vinyl Mesh or 20 oz Black RFL-Coated Polyester (For Asphalt), and Miti Mesh 24oz. Vinyl Basket Weave for 8×32′

Pocket: 8″

Wear Pad: 30″ on Pocket End and Grommet End.

Flap and Rear Flap: 12” side and rear flaps, made from the same heavy-duty material.    

Bunges: 3 heavy-duty, long-lasting bungee cords. 

Hem: Folded Over with 1.5″ Seat Belt Webbing Re-enforcement

Support Stips: Two 1.5″ Seat Belt Webbing Re-enforcements run down the full length 

Grommets: Stainless Steel

Pocket Support Side Bolts: Steel

Color: Black, Miti Mesh Black & Multi Color

Apex Pocket Grommets: 2

Guarantee: 90-Day Material and Workmanship (1)

Length: Order 3-5 Foot Longer than Length of Body

Shipping: Order by 2 pm EST 5 days a week, excluding weekends and holidays to qualify for  same-day shipping (2)



No One Makes Dump Tarps Like Kaplan

Stainless Steel Grommet

Stainless Steel Grommets

Engineered for resilience, Kaplan Tarps’ dump truck tarps with flap feature stainless steel grommets, ensuring secure, rust-resistant anchoring for long-lasting performance in harsh conditions.

Steel Side Pocket Anchor Bolts

Our tarps come with steel side anchor bolts, offering robust and reliable fastening, ideal for withstanding the rigors of heavy-duty hauling and frequent use, extra support for the pocket where needed.

Tarp is double stitched with reinforcements

Heavy Duty Webbing Reinforced

Reinforced with 5000 lb. tensile strength, heavy-duty seat belt webbing. Our tarps resist tearing and wear, providing superior strength and durability for securing heavy loads under demanding conditions.

Tarp with Flaps Wear Pad

30″ Heavy Duty Wear Pad on Both Ends

Equipped with a heavy-duty wear pad on the pocket end and grommet end, Kaplan Tarps’ dump truck tarps offer enhanced protection against abrasions, extending the life of your tarp significantly.   Also provides UV protection of the main body of the tarp when stored. Pocket end shown in picture.

Anti Slide Grommet

Anti-Slide Grommets

Innovatively designed with anti-slide grommets, these tarps stay neatly in place when rolled up, preventing bunching and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free operation.

Dump Tarp Flap End Pocket

Large 8″ Lined Pockets

These dump truck tarps feature a large 8″ lined pocket to provide convenient, extra pocket space, ensuring ease of installation and reducing downtime and installer frustration.

Rear Flaps

Flaps and Rear Flap

12” side flaps are made from the same heavy-duty material. The flap’s reinforced edges and rugged design offers superior durability and  designed to integrate seamlessly with your truck’s tarp system, allowing for easy deployment and retraction.  Meets or exceeds state DOT requirements.


3 Bungees For Pulling in Flaps

Leave in place heavy-duty, long-lasting bungee cords to avoid bunching while closing. They can be strategically positioned to secure the tarp flap firmly in place, providing a tight, secure fit over the load. This design minimizes wind flapping and ensures that the cover remains in place even during high-speed transit or in windy conditions.


Made in the USA

We control the materials and labor used to produce our tarps.  Crafted with Pride, Made in the USA: Where Quality Meets Tradition.

Asphalt Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 15' $274.99
Asphalt Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 20' $331.00
Asphalt Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 25' $380.99
Asphalt Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 30' $440.00
Mesh Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 15' $180.00
Mesh Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 20' $240.00
Mesh Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 25' $301.00
Mesh Dump Tarps with Flaps 9' x 30' $360.00
Heavy Duty Roll Off Dump Tarps with Flaps 8' x 32'$350.00

(1) No Hassle Guarantee: All merchandise comes with a 90-day guarantee against defects in material and workmanship present at the time of manufacture. However, as we have no control over the product’s use, we assume no liability related to its use. If any defect in material or workmanship is evident upon delivery, please notify us immediately. We will guide you on how to return the product to us and will cover the freight/shipping costs. Upon inspection, we will determine the cause of the failure and decide whether to repair, replace, or refund the product accordingly.

(2) Shipping Information: Standard tarps listed on this page will ship the same day if ordered before 2 pm EST 5 days a week, excluding weekends and holidays. Orders placed after 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time will ship the next day. Additionally, we invite you to pick up your orders directly from our location at 40 Hockanum Blvd Unit #8, Vernon CT, 06066. Our facility features a pull-through lot and is conveniently located just two minutes off I-84.