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Custom Shrinkwrap Bags

Industrial, Marine, Aerospace, and Manufacturing
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We make the heat shrink-wrap bags for you!

We make the heat shrink covers flat or custom-shaped so that you can just throw them over your product and shrink them, with no cutting or planning on your part! Saves you time and money!!

Large Shrink Film Bags: Industrial, Marine, Aerospace, and Manufacturing

For the Shipment And Outdoor Storage of Large Machinery, Equipment, Boats And Aircraft. Meets EPA Requirements.

Heat-shrink plastic is durable; it is waterproof and resists punctures, tearing, and abrasion. A heat shrink cover can also weld to itself for sealing, closure, and repair if needed. A UVI Additive (UVI) protects your equipment from the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) Rays. Our shrink-wrap bags also contain a Flame Retardant Additive (FR).  These covers self-extinguish flames in seconds (after removing the fire source). Meets NFPA 701 test requirements for construction projects.

Shrink Film is available in 8, 10, and 12mm thicknesses. We make heat-shrinkable plastic bags and fitted covers specified to your product’s dimensions in any quantity. If your product requires it, a Rust Inhibitor Additive (VCI) passivates the corrosion process, which is ideal for export shipments. When the VCI shrink bags or films applied to the product are heated, it causes the plastic film to shrink and wrap itself tightly around the form and shape of the product. Fitted shrink-wrap bags and covers make installation easier and save on waste and time.

Hear from our customers!

“We used the shrink-wrap bags today, and they worked great! Much faster and better than wrapping it in a flat sheet of shrink wrap. In the picture with three wrapped units, the two on the right were wrapped with the custom bags, and the one on the left was wrapped using a flat sheet of shrink wrap.”



Protects from rain, snow, sleet, dust, wind, and airborne pollutants.

UVI Additve

Protects from the suns’ Ultraviolet rays.

Flame Retardent (FR)

Self-Extinguishes flame in seconds after the fire source is removed.

Rust Inhibitor (VCI)

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor protects from the corrosion process; ideal for export shipments.


Resists punctures, tearing, and abrasion. Welds to self for sealing, closure, and repairs.

Easy Installation

Fitted shrink wrap bags & covers make installation easier and saves on time and waste.

Any Size-Any Quantity

We make bags and fitted covers to your dimensions; fits any product you need.

Colors/Thickness Options

Shrink Film comes in 8, 10, and 12mm thicknesses.


Custom Shrink Wrap Covers for Industrial, Marine, Aerospace, and Manufacturing Products

These Shrink Wrap Covers and Bags Provide Protective Packaging for Large Machinery, Equipment, Boats & Aircraft. For Shipment And Outdoor Storage.

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