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Load covered with new Lumber Tarps

Kaplan Tarps recently provided new Lumber Tarps and helped a driver tarp his load after his previous tarps were destroyed while he was traveling down the road. He was stranded without tarps and unable to continue his delivery. He called us, came in and we were able to get him back on the road with his load properly covered in no time at all.  Kaplan Tarps carries many various sizes (Including but not limited to 4′ drops, 6′ drops and 8′ drops) and weights (including but not limited to Lightweight (airbag) sides, mid weight, and full weight) of Lumber tarps in stock for this exact situation. We can also create custom tarps to fit your specific size specifications or custom logo needs. Please call us at 860-643-1384 or 888-611-TARP to discuss the many options for your business!


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March 18, 2020