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Custom Felt padding

Kaplan Tarp’s Shield Felt Load Padding is an essential tool for every flatbed driver who tarps loads that have sharp corners & edges. These surfaces can cut through your bare tarps. Don’t risk losing business by running with tarps in poor condition, & stop relying on inferior methods to protect your tarps. Our padding is a professional alternative to draping filthy/damp/moldy moving blankets & carpet over your client’s valuable cargo.

Upgrade your capabilities as a flatbed driver. Our felt padding won’t let you down. It’s manufactured from extra dense/tightly woven synthetic material that dries quickly. The material is designed to resist mold, mildew & odor-causing bacteria. It is hands down the best way to protect your valuable tarps from costly damage inflicted by punishing corners & edges. So place your order & avoid costly tarp repairs or replacement. Save your tarps & keep your cargo clean & dry.

We stock Felt padding in our standard stock sizes of 7′ X 13′ and 10′ X 13′ pieces but it can also be ordered in any custom size up to and including a width size of 13′. We can also add standard and custom grommet spacing for your tie-down options. Please contact us for our Felt Padding needs at 860-643-1384 or toll-free at 1-888-611-TARP. We look forward to being able to enhance your business capabilities!


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March 6, 2020