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Northern Light Cab Rack

  • Must be Installed to Merritt Specifications with a Merritt Mounting Kit.
  • Mounting Kits not Included.

Northern Light Cab Rack


  • The All New Northern-Light Cab Rack unit comes standard with a 3 door enclosure and LED lights (as shown).
  • 2 chain hangers in each outside compartment and a 6? Wiring harness.
  • 2 heavy duty shelves in the center L compartment. The enclosure is 8? deep / 9? with the door.
  • It does not have rear beams, you can mount the unit 5? closer than a normal enclosure unit.
  • The unique foot allows you to mount it with a 3240 U-bolt kit or it can mount like a Short Foot by bolting through the frame web. Stocked in most Merritt warehouse locations.
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