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31″ Platinum Tarp Ties Made in USA ( box of 50)

31″ Platinum Tarp Ties Made in USA ( box of 50)


Made in the USA and known for quality, durability, and resistance to weather, these tarp ties offer good stretch recovery and maintain their strength over the entire life of the tarp ties. Our Platinum domestic tarp ties offer the longest lasting, larger cross section, recognized by heavy duty truckers throughout North America. They all offer exceptional strength and costs that compete with import tarp ties. All hooks are made in the USA from wire coils.

Quantity 50 per box
Designed to hold tarp covers on trucks and trailers
Not to be used to restrain or secure cargo
Wear safety glasses and use caution when using tarp ties
Molded EPDM construction for high Ozone resistance and strength resiliency or molded natural rubber for good cold weather stretch properties

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Weight 23 lbs